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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 83: Posadas, Argentina

The weeks do seem to go by pretty quickly. This week we are getting ready for transfers.  I´m not sure how or why there is so much stuff to do and remember but there is, and we are trying to get it all done today so that we can watch conference this weekend. I´m pretty excited for conference, it´s always fun, and this is my third one in Posadas and we get to watch it in English and there is air conditioning haha. So i can´t complain. There are pensions (apartments) and areas we need to open and to close which involves looking for new pensions, new phones, new furniture, moving furniture, cleaning old pensions, re painting old pensions, talking to land lords and then all the other fun stuff about transfers. People are going to Paraguay that need to change their money and then people traveling need money and it's kind of a stressful time, but i think in the office i have learned to manage stress a lot. To lighten things up we did do a few April fools jokes yesterday... we threw flour on one of the elders from the office while he was showering, and then i pretended that i broke my ankle because it got run over by the truck and Hermana LaPierre fell for it.  Then i went to my zone meeting on crutches and almost all of them fell for it. That was probably the only April fools joke that I've done that actually worked. But the Latin missionaries were kind of confused, apparently they celebrate in December.

That sounds fun though having the German exchange students. Probably pretty busy, but it's always fun. 

This week was interesting though, it's been pretty good.  We have actually gotten a lot done in the office and we are getting out every day to work in our area, though there still isn't too much going on... we have met some pretty interesting people, but there are a few less actives that we are having some success with. We talked to a guy yesterday that explained to us how Bush was behind the twin towers and that government and organized religion is all corrupt and that they hide everything from the public.  He also said that there are UFOs and aliens. Then he explained to us how Jesus, after he was resurrected, was beamed up into a UFO and that is how he left the earth and went to another world that they call heaven... yeah we have a bunch of weird people in our area. But we are trying to work in a new part that we are kind of sharing with the sisters that is a little nicer and there are more normal people. We´ve talked to a few cool people but most of them are pretty involved in their own religion or already have pretty strong beliefs. 

I got to go to Paraguay with Elder Magdaleno, who got to the mission the same time i did and is the assistant, because the other assistant sent his passport to Buenos Aires to get more pages added to it.  So we went and helped with an activity in Encarnacion, across the river, with the Becuasehelives video where the missionaries set up a TV in the plaza down town and invited everyone walking by to go watch it. We mostly helped with getting the tables and the TVs there and then handed out cards to people.  It was pretty fun.  It was a good idea and there were a few people that stopped to watch the video.  I think they are doing it again today and tomorrow so it would be nice to see some results from it. Anyway its a pretty cool video…. 

Anyway thank you for writing me, i hope everyone has a great weekend. 

Love, Elder Roberts

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