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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 87: Posadas, Argentina


This week has gone by pretty fast. Elder Johnson is doing really well learning everything, so far so good. He reminds me of me when i was in his spot haha but he is cool. With two of us we have been able to get out to work more, so that has been fun. This week has been really chill though, nothing crazy going on and we have been able to focus a lot of learning the responsibilities and the financial things. 

The conference with Elder Oaks was pretty cool though. It was interesting. I was expecting him to talk about missionary work and to get out and work hard and do a bunch of stuff to help the church grow, but it was more about the sabbath day and also about receiving revelation. Obviously it was tied into to missionary work, but it was a little different than what i was expecting. He said that they as the apostles and the prophet had prayed about what they needed to do, or what we could do as people to resist all the bad things happening in the world and the answer they got was keep the sabbath day holy. Interesting. I figured i was keeping the sabbath pretty holy, but i guess there are always better ways we could. It made me think a little. 

Anyway, i am excited to leave the office in two weeks and spend the last 6 weeks in the field. I would love to go to Paraguay, but we shall see. 

We had our activity for the ward on Saturday, i think it's the third one we have done and it didn't really go as well as the other ones haha. It was fun, but it could have been better. 

What was good about this week was that we found some pretty cool people. We kinda got lost last night, but ended up running into some people from Uruguay who were really cool. We were talking to them and gave them a pass a long card and then they said... so you people are Mormons right... there is that one book that that one guy from New York wrote when he had the dream about the Indian and the Indian led him to a hill where he found the book... haha it was funny, but after we explained to him the Book of Mormon and the concept of it, they were super interested and his wife said, "Oh man, I've always wanted to read that book! Can we have one…?" that was the first time anyone ever said that too me.... But it was pretty cool, unfortunately they don't live in our area, but hopefully they can progress. We also found some other cool people contacting and we´ve actually gotten a few references that we haven't been able to find, but we are still looking. Things are starting to pick up a little which is good. 

We´ve also been teaching the youth Sunday school class because there isn't a teacher and its been pretty fun to get to know the youth.  Also, we started inviting a few more to come back and the youth have been doing well, and there has been a big change. There are also new presidents of the Young Men and Woman, but we went from having about 3 or 4 in the class to 13 last Sunday. And 8 of them went with us and the seminary teacher to go visit some of the people that weren't coming to seminary or church and that went really well. 

Tomorrow is holiday here, the day of the worker... so no one has work haha, but the tradition is to make something called locro. Its like a big corn soup they cook in huge pot with corn, vegetables and meat, and they like to use weird meat like cow intestines and pig feet.... so I'm hoping they let us serve ourselves so we can avoid the weird stuff. They are making at the church tomorrow as a ward. 

Anyway, i keep doing and saying really weird stuff at night while I'm sleeping. The other night i was sleeping on the bottom bunk, the top bunk is supported by about 6 skinny wooden boards, and i think i had a dream that the top bunk was falling on me.  So while i was sleeping I kicked up really hard, probably trying to stop the bed that was supposedly falling on me, and i broke one of the boards and almost kicked my companion off the top bunk.  So we decided it was best i sleep on the floor because if i sleep on the top bunk I might fall off, as I've fallen off 3 times in my mission. 

Anyway, the time keeps going by pretty fast, i cant believe tomorrow is May. In Argentina the April showers bring may flowers thing doesn't really exist-it's more like April showers bring more may showers... and June showers. So I'm getting my raincoat and Underarmour out for these last two months. Thanks!!!

Have a great week!!!!

Love, elder Roberts

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