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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week 86: Posadas, Argentina

Are you watching TED talks? I watched a few the summer before i left, i thought some of them were really interesting. I´m not sure if the spirit gives you the desire to learn, i think so, because i really like learning about random stuff now and i want to read books.... it's kind of weird, haha but maybe i just have a different mindset now. I think i like learning more than i did before. I talked to President a little about school in my interview and that was good, and then to Hermana LaPierre about what some of her kids and children in law do. President told me that i should find someone that studied economics or computer science and talk to them and see what they have to say on it. I feel like the more i think about it the harder it gets to decide. President also told me to try to take a little bit of everything my first semester so that i can really see what i like and maybe try to pick up on something. I´m not really even sure what classes are available, but that is good that the sign ups aren't until June. 

This week has gone pretty well. It's been kind of crazy because there was like a mini transfer with a few people having to go home early, two new secretaries coming in to be trained, and two problems with some legal work, so there are quite a few missionaries that have to be moved around starting tonight because tomorrow we have the the opportunity to listen to Elder Oaks!!! He is going to be in Resistencia, which is the next closest mission, and we are going to watch it live on a screen as it is broad casted from Resistencia. So i am pretty excited about that. Tomorrow should be a good day, but after that all the missionaries are moving around, so we are busy helping president organize all that. 

We did get to go out and teach this week and we did another activity with the young single adults where we left with them and visited some less actives. It went really well, like 13 young single adults showed up, so we split up into two big groups and went and visited some people and it went really well, hopefully we can keep doing it and helping them. We also found a lady that had left her church and she said she had been praying to try to see what she should do and we were the first people to show up at her door, so that was also a really cool experience. We haven't been able to visit her again, but we will be going today or tomorrow. Also, last night we taught a really cool family, we were kind of talking in the doorway of their little wooden house for 10 minutes and they finally decided to let us in and we taught the parents and their seven kids and it went really well and they were really interested. Unfortunately they are moving to the sisters area tomorrow, but hopefully we can see them in church sometime. 

Pday was really cool today as well, we went to the biggest hill/mountain here in the province of Misiones where there is a big cross that they built as a tourist attraction. It was really cool, kind of reminded me of High 
Rock, the view, but it was cool to see. The European immigrants really had a strong influence in Catholicism and seemed to plant the Catholic church really strongly here in Argentina. There is also a butterfly room, so it was fun  to go and see that. Then we came back and Hermana LaPierre taught us how to make apple pie and we ate it.... and it was really good. 

Anyway my new companion comes tonight at about 9:00.  His name is Elder Johnson and he is from Idaho.  He is pretty new in the mission, i think he has about 5 or 6 months, but he is really cool. I´ve talked to him a few times and he is a solid, nice, smart kid, so i am excited to be with him. I'll be here till the change, May 19th, and then i'll get to spend my last transfer somewhere in the field... hopefully Paraguay!! But anyway, i hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week!!!

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