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Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 84: Posadas, Argentina

Work sounds interesting with kids that don´t speak English at all. People always think it´s funny when i tell them that both my parents do the exact same occupation. Well that is pretty cool that a lot of people have looked at my blog. I didn´t think i was that interesting, but they also could be views mostly from you checking it or reading it to make sure it went through haha.

This week was pretty crazy as always, lots of preparation and trying to follow through with all the plans, even though there are always things that don´t go as planned. We had ordered from this Mexican place for lunch for all the new missionaries and their trainers and they didn't come on time, so we drove over to see if they were there and it looked like the place was closed.  So then we ordered pizza really quickly from this big pizza place and then the quesadillas came at the same time the pizza did..... so we sent the missionaries with dinner as well while they left to go to their new area. There were lots of funny things that happened and lots of things that just didn't go so well... I accidentally ran over a cone at the airport and also in the bus terminal, i was walking around trying to send all the missionaries off to their areas and buy their tickets and the envelope i had all the money in opened and all my money fell out onto the floor, and one of my companions in the office decided it would be a good idea to put a piece of bread in the microwave and put 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds so after about 2 minutes the whole office was filled with smoke and it still kind of smells like smoke. Also we were up till like 12:00 that night and apparently we left everything kind of messy.  It just so happens that the inspection people from Buenos Aires came the very next morning.............. oops, but luckily they were pretty understanding.  It went by really fast and all in all it was fun but extremely tiring. There were a lot of new missionaries, so it was fun meeting them and talking to them, but it's over and now it's time to keep working. I think my new companion will be coming in about a week or two and I'm not really sure who it is going to be yet but I'm trying to clean everything up so that when he comes he has a clean slate. There are just a lot of things that i can only fix because i know what happened and if he were try to figure it out it would take a while. Sounds like Easter went well and that everyone is probably getting excited that it's spring and the nicer weather is coming. 

Conference was pretty awesome though. It was nice to sit down and listen and learn a little. I was pretty tired  even though i tried to a get a good nights sleep the night before; i still may have fallen asleep during a few of the talks... It is pretty tough with air conditioning and the lights off. It was great though, i really liked President Eyring and Elder Uchtdorf´s talks and a few of the Seventies gave really good ones as well. I took out from it that we need to be tolerant of people and love people and help others as much as we can. We aren´t here to be better than other people, but to help them progress as we progress as well. Also, keep doing the basic things and always strive to be better or do better than what we are doing now. It was interesting that there were a few people that didn´t sustain the prophet and apostles.  I guess I'm kind of out of the loop, i didn't hear why or who they were, but it was kinda weird how it happened. 

Thanks for the letter and i hope everyone has a great week!!

Love, Elder Roberts 

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