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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 85: Posadas, Argentina

This week has been pretty busy as well. We had the zone leader/sister training leader conference, then cleaning up from everything, and also helping President plan interviews with everyone and talking about who is going to replace me… haha.  My new companion hasn't come yet. I´m thinking he may come next week. I hope so, because I'm kind of excited to start doing something new, training him.  And i think the time here in the office will go by faster. I can't believe April is already halfway over, but i guess that is the mission and life. 

Our Bishop is really cool here in our ward.  We stopped by last night and talked to him about some of the stuff we were doing in our area and a lot of the members that were on the list and that had moved or passed away. We are going to help him clean up the member list a little. He is really nice though, and supportive. I think he is just genuinely nice and ready to help, he kind of reminds me of dad. 

Anyway, i believe i only have 5 weeks left here in the office, I have to send my passport to Buenos Aires to get more pages added to it because mine is too full from crossing the border too many times to take out money and do other stuff. 

It is kind of scary to think that i need to start studying so that i can get a job that i could do for the rest of my life. But President Monson said that our future is as bright as our faith... so i guess i just gotta have faith that everything will work out

It was cool in the council meeting we had on Tuesday with President, he talked a little bit about an example of an airplane, kinda sounds like Uctdorf, though President was an airplane engineer. But he was talking about how there was a plane that had crashed and it was because on the motor, the metal hadn't gone under some kind of chemical inspection.  There was a tiny little air bubble.  But as time passed, the pressure made the air bubble bigger and bigger and after a few years the plane crashed on one of its flights and killed over 100 people. It really goes to show that the small simple things are sometimes the most important. President LaPierre is pretty cool, he is just really wise and can pretty much teach you anything at anytime in anyplace. The kind of guy that always has something to say that just sticks with you. The other day he was talking about being prepared and being on time and that in his career those two things helped him a lot, Sometimes he would get little projects to do and he would be busy so he would say, "In 10 days i'll have it done. And he would finish his stuff and kind of take his time and by the 10th day he would have it ready and sent, and the person would always been happy because he would always have it done by when he said he would. Anyway, there are a lot of little things like that that I've learned here that i think will help me a lot afterwards in school and working. 

Our area is going pretty well though, the members are helping, and the young single adults are really working as well.  They have a lot of activities and cool stuff going on and are trying to reactivate a lot of people. There are three young adults preparing for missions, and actually today there is a kid from Tacuari that is leaving on his mission that was reactivated not too long ago. When i was there the other elders were working with him a lot and helped him start coming back to church; now he´s headed off to Columbia. It's fun to see progression even though there isn't a whole ton of it, everything i think is growing little by little. We also went and sang at a retirement home last week which was nice, doing service is always a nice change, and something that is usually fun to do. 

Anyway, thanks for the update and i hope everyone has a great week!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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