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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 82: Posadas, Argentina

Yeah i was just realizing today that I'll have had a third of my mission in the office. I´m not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... but its been pretty good up until now. It's just a really different experience and there are ups and downs. But I´m enjoying it. Hopefully I´ll survive till May. I think once my replacement comes and I´ll have to be showing him how everything works and how to do everything things will pick up and it´ll be fun. 

But dang.... I´m missing March madness. That is kind of a bummer, but i guess there will be a lot more in the future to watch. And BYU already lost... It is always hard when we go to the Migrations Office because they always have soccer on, on a TV on the wall, or this one less active family when we go to their house they always have soccer playing on their TV... I always said that i would never start thinking about what i'll do after the mission until i get to my last day, but its actually harder than i thought it would be haha. I´m still pretty focused and I'm continuing to try to stay focused, but i think I'm going to be watching and playing a lot of soccer this summer.

These past few weeks we have been trying to use the member list to look for less actives that are willing to come back to church and also for investigators to be able to teach. There are a lot of people that have moved away.. so we are actually helping the ward update their list a little bit because we have found a lot of people that don´t live here anymore. It's funny because we went and looked for a house and we found it, but the lady there said she had never heard of the family that we were looking for.  So we asked her if we could teach her instead and she was actually pretty cool, and we had a good lesson. But there are also other people that aren't so cool. We were looking for this one lady and we went and asked at the house if she lived there and she said no and then we asked her neighbor if he knew the lady we were looking for and he said that it was the lady that told us no..... so i guess she might have had a bad experience in the past. 

Also, something cool that happened was on Sunday.  We took all the young single adults from the ward and decided to go out and visit the other young adults that aren't active.  So we did divisones with them and there were actually quite a few that came and we visited quite a few people, we only had 2 hours, but we got a lot in and almost everyone that we planned on visiting was home-that was really good, and i think all the young adults had a really good experience.  And now they are pretty excited to go out and do it again and help all the 110 young single adults that are on the list come back to church.... But it was pretty fun, and sometimes it is fun to work with people that are more your age and interact with them. One of the less actives that is now coming back to church since January received the Melchizedek Priesthood last Sunday, that was cool and he is pretty excited about the church and everything. Also, Pepe the one kid that we have been working with, and the members are doing most of the work with him, is our ward mission leader and he is getting ready to send his papers in to go on the mission. He is pretty excited as well and he´s just a really cool guy all around. 

Sometimes in the office there really isn´t a whole lot to write about because i mean i could say that i went to the bank yesterday and today and made a deposit, and took out some money, and then i was trying to get everything ready for next months rent payments, and making sure everything was in line, and then i went to Paraguay to take out some guarnies to be able to reimburse people that come from Paraguay, and lots of exciting stuff like that, but it really isn´t all that exciting. I actually do have to drive the truck a lot, mostly just to the bank and to do office stuff, buy stuff, pay for things, and then drive to our area and then back home.  I think I´ve got the stick shift down now, haha, i don´t really ever stall it anymore, so that's a pretty big improvement. But i am pretty excited for conference next week and then there are transfers, so should be fun.  Anyway, thanks for everything and thanks for writing meee. Have a great week everyone!!

I included a picture of my best friend: the calculator.

love, Elder Roberts

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