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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 81: Posadas, Argentina

Sounds like everything is pretty well back home.  I guess it's a fun time of year when everyone is starting to feel the spring weather and school is coming to an end. Here it's still pretty hot, but i can kind of feel a little bit of a temperature drop.  It's not as bad as it used to be, I think in April it´ll start getting nicer. 

Anyway i´m pretty sure i´m going to be here in the office until mid May and then i'll be able to leave for my last transfer into the field, so i still have a little more time here in the office. It's cool to be here, but after a while i feel like it's more my job and sometimes it's hard to feel like a missionary.  I realize i really need to make an effort to get things done in the office, and also do missionary work whenever i can- in the bank, on the train and everywhere, or else the missionary spirit kind of goes away. My companion and everyone else in the office are really cool though, and we all get along pretty well which helps a lot. I think the time definitely goes by a lot faster  that way. I've been in the office 6 months, and by the time i leave i'll have been here for almost 8 and a half... which is a lot, but I'm happy i'll get a little time in the field. 

We had our zone conference this week which was pretty good, we are still talking a lot about how the area presidency wants us to be doing missionary work and the new plan they have to hasten the work. We talked about goals, which was really cool actually.  President was saying that sometimes we have accomplishments and we are pretty happy about them, so the next week or the next month we look and we say, "Well we had this many charlas (discussions), lets say 10, and so this week we are going to have 13!"  But that is basically just taking a number out of the air. We have two focuses, number of baptisms and the number of attendance at church. He told us to have goals that are reasonable and that are reachable, but not just based on past goals or accomplishments. Also, to set a goal to have a certain number of attendance at church, like 100. That's pretty much impossible for us to control due to the weather and because there are always people that come infrequently, and there are lots of obstacles. But instead, we can take the average attendance from the last month, maybe 90, and put it up to 95, and then our goal is 5.  We can pick 5 less actives, or 3 less actives, and two people that are going to get baptized, and they are our contribution to the attendance. If the rest of the people, or less or more, come that's fine, but we need to focus on bringing our part of the goal as a whole in.  I don't know if i explained that really well, but it was really good.

My companion and i were also talking about if there is such thing as coincidence, or if everything is planned and everything is influenced by God. I think most things are planned out by Heavenly Father.  For a person like a  medic driving as a car who helps a person that crashed near by is probably divine influence, not just a coincidence, because it has the purpose of saving that person's life.  But if someone else and I come to the office with the same tie on, that doesn't really have any influence on anything, so it's more just a coincidence. But that was just something interesting that i was thinking about this week. 

Anyway there weren't really too many exciting things this week because i was sick again Monday and Tuesday, but I'm all better now.  And yesterday was our zone conference. There is a new family in Lavalle from Spain that seem super awesome.  We helped them move today to their new house; they had been renting here for about a month.  They are cool, and they invited us to eat asado next week for helping them move, which I'm pretty excited for. 

Anyway, thanks for everything and the for the letter, hope everything is going well back home and that everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Roberts

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