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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week 80:Posadas, Argentina

This week has been pretty good. A little more relaxing, except for a few crazy things that happened, but we were able to get back on a normal sleep schedule and get out to our area a little more. We were trying to find some more people to teach, but with not much luck. A large part of our area is one of the poorest and most dangerous parts of Posadas and the other parts of our area aren´t too much different, but a little safer. I think we might start sharing part of the hermanas' areas just so we can go there at night to work. So there are tons of people, but most of them are pretty hard to teach, I can't complain because there are a lot of nice people, but they just aren't too prepared to receive the gospel. I feel like there are times in my mission where i had too many people to teach and we almost didn't have time to do it all, and then other times where it seems like there is no one... haha but I've definitely learned to just keep going at it even though there's not much to work with. 

We had our activity last Friday which went pretty well, i think about 40 or 50 people showed up but it was pretty fun. There were some games for the adults and my companion and i tryed to entertain all the kids by playing a fishing game where they throw the line behind the chalkboard and we tape a piece of candy on the end, and duck duck goose. And then another member and I cooked hot dogs on the grill. The guy that brought his grill was kinda mad.  He was like what?! Hot dogs?! Why are you putting hot dogs on the grill?! That won't work, that's really weird... haha it was pretty funny, but then he liked them... They are more of a sausage people, well its called Churiso (spelling)? its kinda like a brawtwurst and they put it on bread and put sauce on it, it's pretty popular in the street vendors. But they all liked the hot dogs on the grill. 

We also had stake conference last Sunday which was pretty cool, it was cool to see everyone from Tacuari-including a few people we had taught before, but it turned out pretty well. The chapel was completely filled as was the overflow and the stage, we watched it in the office on the computer.

Anyway, this week was pretty easy going, but the next two weeks we have zone conferences and then after that is the big leader conference and then after that is transfers then general conference. Elder Oaks is going to Resistencia and we may get to watch the broadcast... which would be pretty awesome. Well it would be cool to go down there, it's like 5 hours from Posadas, but i don't think we could get everyone from the whole mission there haha.. So hopefully we get to see that. 

But happy birthday Emma! Is she 18 now?! That's really crazy, the time is flying by pretty fast. Have a great week!!!

Love, elder Roberts

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