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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 79: Posadas, Argentina

Well, I'm pretty tired. These past two weeks have been super busy and they´ve really flown by super fast. My new companion is doing well, he is the President´s secretary. I'll probably get a new companion to train and replace me either this month or the beginning of April, I´m not really sure yet. The work is going pretty well.  This past week has been tough, most of our appointments fell through.  We have just been trying to look for new people and pick the less active members that really want to progress and then work with them. A lot of them were really nice, but just weren´t really fulfilling their commitments, so we decided to try to use our time differently and look for new people.

Snow sounds pretty cool right now, it's not too hot here actually, and its already March, so i think it may start to cool down a little. That's fun though that Liam is going to go to Germany as well.  

This weekend is stake conference- which is fun, it's nice to change things up a little and listen to new people and see all the people i met in Tacuari. I think Elder Oaks is coming to talk to the Resistencia Mission which is the one right next to us, but i don't think he's coming here. 

The office is going pretty well, but i feel like the longer I'm here the more stuff i figure out that i need to do. This week I've been pretty swamped and there are new things that i need to be doing as well that i haven't gotten to, kinda weird they trusted a 19 year old with this job, but I'm going to try my best. It's fun though, I'm learning to be organized and to be a perfectionist and to follow through with things. There are times where I'm tempted to leave things at the bare minimum possible, or to just do exactly what's asked and not anything more, but i think it's best to go up and beyond and do things the best possible. even though it hasn't been asked of me to do it like that. 

I´m also learning that being converted is hard, and even harder is helping other people to be converted to the gospel. It really does require a really constant effort and unless you are really trying and doing your best it isn't really possible. Sometimes whenever someone has a good spiritual experience i expect them to keep going and take off and just be ready and willing to change and follow the church and everything, but then if they don´t do their part afterwards the just fall and they are back where they started. But it´s really cool when people have good experiences and then do their part and change and progress a lot. 

But thanks for the letter and everything you do. Have a great week!!!!!

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