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Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 44: Eldorado, Argentina

This week was pretty good. It rained every single day, so that kinda stunk, haha, but it wasn't bad. I did divisones with the assistants on my birthday and then stayed up kinda late eating tons of ice cream, haha. But Zulma is doing well, she says she wants to get married in the temple, but isn't really sure about baptism yet.......... haha. And we found another 16 year old kid who is super cool who came to church yesterday, so that was good. We found him in a new part of our area that we are exploring. And yeah I wear my coat sometimes, sometimes the sweater, the problem is my shoes because they are always wet and they take a while to dry. They are breaking a little, I feel like I'll need to buy some new ones in a few months. And the food here in Argentina is pretty normal. There is a food called reviro, which is just like flour, salt, water and oil and it's actually pretty good. I'll make it for you guys when I get home. And we eat with members everyday except Saturday and Sunday. And we don't eat too much on the streets, we cook more.  We stop to buy like a little chocolate bar or these things called alfajores, which are just little cakes, once in a while.  But we mainly cook stuff like tacos, noodles and meat sauce, hotdogs, and eggs- stuff like that. 

And my birthday was good, there is a really nice member family that invited us over. In the night they made pizza and empanadas and a big cake, it was really nice actually. 

But wow, sounds like summer is going well and everyone is having fun. It should be great to go out to Utah. And youth conference sounds like it was pretty fun as well. But yeah I have been hearing lots of stuff about the world cup, and the US moved on to the next round!! And Holland too, that's good. If they keep winning they will play each other I think in the semifinals. 

I'm off to play volleyball right now and then we are going to Posadas for a conference tomorrow and the anniversary of the mission is July 1! And today is my one year mark. I lose 17 days in the mission and go home the 30 of june next year, pretty crazy. But thanks for the update!!! Have a great weeek!!!!

Elder Roberts

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