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Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 45: Eldorado, Argentina

This week was pretty good; it didn't really rain too much, it got hot and then cold and then rained Sunday morning.... and then got cold again so church was tough, not too many people showed up for the huge thunderstorm but just gotta keep going haha. Right now it's cooled down a little bit. But today was good; we got together and played volleyball and went out to eat for lunch and I think we are going to go take a nap after this, pretty tired week. 

But it's been interesting, here where I am serving there are lots of churches... lots and lots of churches haha like 49 new churches were created here last year. Its mainly pastors that go into really poor neighborhoods and build up a little wooden shack that holds about 35 people and call it church, mostly evangelical churches which are supposedly branches from the pentocastal church. There are big churches down town but out in the country where I am there are lots of little ones and lots of pastors that like to talk bad about us and the Church of Jesus Christ... lots of people think we are here to spy on them or for every person we baptize we get like 500 dollars or the younger kids of like 8 to 15 years old that we baptize we like take their brains or soemthing haha some really weird stuff. So in that aspect its pretty challenging. But there are lots of nice people here, lots of people that are really poor and kind of sit at home all day and like listening to people that talk about God. So we get to talk to a lot of people but there are lots of people that have the mindset that they are where they are because they didn't study or didn't do what they should have when they were younger and now they kind of just think that their lives are like that and don't feel like they can progress or change. So it's pretty sad. 

But things are getting a little happier now that Argentina is winning and made it the semis of the World Cup.  The same day they won my companion and I went to present a plan that we made up to work more closely with the Church leaders of the area, the district El Dorado that consists of 5 branches and 1 Family group. But there was lots of traffic and we got on the bus and didn't really go anywhere so the bus took a side route and we ended up getting off in the town center where there were tons and tons of people all dressed with their Argentina hats and shirts and flags and painted and screaming honking their horns and dancing setting off fireworks haha, so it was a cool thing to see, kind of scary but cool. But that's great that you guys are having fun on vacations and are enjoying Utah; tell everyone that I said hi, and happy anniversary!! But thanks!! have a great week and enjoy your vacations!!!!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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