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Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 47: Eldorado, Argentina

Holllllaa, hope everything is going well up there. This week was pretty good, kinda slow, I think we are realizing just how many other churches have sprung up here in the city… it's like practically in every neighborhood there is a different church. I mean it's not bad I guess, because there are lots of people going to church, but it's not really good because the churches are kinda just pastors that made themselves pastors and are creating their churches and basically treating them like a negocio... I forgot the word in English. (business-according to Will) So it's been kinda tough to find people to teach because the whole city is basically joining these little churches and kinda already has their ideas in their head of how things are and they don't want to change. Also, there're lots of pastors that preach against us and tell their congregations that everything we teach is false and that we are crazy. There're even people that come up during our lessons with people and tell the people we are teaching not to listen to us in another language, Guarani, but the joke was on them cause my companion is from Paraguay and speaks Guarani..... but its pretty crazy. So it's an interesting experience but its all good, there are still people that want to listen, we just have to find them. But we obviously respect all the religions, nothing against them. 

But other than that everything is going well. The weather was pretty nice this week. We just got done planning a little skit that we are going to do for the members of the district Eldorado- it's like 5 branches and one family group that are invited for this Friday, so that should be fun. And then Saturday we are going to baptize, so it should be a good week. Transfers are next week, so we shall see what happens. 

And we walk a lot still, we take buses sometimes, but not too much. 

But President LaPierre is super inspired. I've leared a lot of things from him. I really like what he taught us about consecration and what I guess we call stewardship. I had never learned too much about it until the mission, I learned about mayordomia.. which is stewardship, but it was interesting. That we are given a responsibility, but not really responsibility, like something to watch over and we need to do the absolute best to take care of it and that we need to try hard, it's basically a principle of try hard. Like he used the example of taking out the trash. If we treat it like its a terrible choir and we just take the bag out and that's it, we didnt really fulfill our job. But if we take it out, wash out the trash can, sweep up around the trash can, put a new bag in and spray air freshener around it, and do the best job possible, that's what we should do. And that could be applied to anything- studying for a test, work, chores and anything really, but going above and beyond what is expected of us. So that was good, but there's lots of stuff. 

And yeah I'm keeping warm, it basically only gets cold at night so I'm fine, I have blankets and sleep in a sweater, showering is the only tough part, haha, but no I'm fine for now. 

Zone leader duties are going well, there is always stuff to do and places to go, and interviews to do, and midnight bus rides to take, but everything is going well, I'm enjoying it. I don't really have a preferred lesson, we almost never teach complete lessons, but I do enjoy doing the cups and the restoration, thats always good. 

But thanks for everything and hope everyone has a great week!!! 
Love, Ben 

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