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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 48: Eldorado, Argentina

Hollllaaaa, this week was actually super good, really eventful. My companion is actually getting changed, kinda weird cause he was only here for one change, but I'm finally going to have an American companion, haha and he's from my group. We weren't in the same MTC group, but we came out at the same time, his name is Elder Thornton and he's from Brigham City, Utah. He's pretty cool, I like him alot so it should be good.

We actually did find a lot of cool people this week. We found 3 families that are pretty interested in listening, didn't make it church Sunday though, I think the cold drove them away. It was like 35 degrees out and humid so it was pretty chilly, but they are pretty cool people. And we still have Zulma who is coming, and Augustine, the 16 year old kid that seems to like the church still. So everything is going pretty well. We baptized a girl that is in a part member family, her dad was recently reactived and her mom is sitll on the edge, but I think the baptism and the confirmation Sunday helped the mom feel the spirit and I think she is thinking about coming back. So that was pretty cool, her name is Candela.

And wow that's awesome that Austin got baptized.

I haven't been eating too much weird food lately. There are fruits and stuff here that I really never have eaten before. I've been eating lots of fresh mandarin oranges, mangos, avocados, papayas, oranges, and making fresh lemon juice. There're tons of fruit trees here, so I've been taking advantage. I'll try to take more pictures of my area cause it's a nice place actually. And I have been learning a little bit of Guarni, not too much but a few little phrases like, "Shey bare" is "I'm hungry" or "Ja ha jakaru" is "Let's go eat", "Shey canneo" is "I'm tired." and a few other things like that, but not too much.

But yeah everything here is going pretty well, can't complain. Hope everything in Hagerstown is going well as well. Thanks for the letter!! Have a good week!!!!!!

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