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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 40: Eldorado, Argentina

Yeah, we had a conference Monday and then my companion had to stay a day longer to go to a doctor in Posadas for his leg that's been hurting him because there are no doctors here. He used to be a gangster and got pretty beat up in a gang fight. I won't tell you what happened because I'm sure you'll say, "Oooooohhh nooooo ewwwwwww," hahaha, but his legs are still kinda bad, but the doctor said everything looks good and they're going to get test results tomorrow

But Eldorado is good, there are lots of people, we actually got 8 investigators in church Sunday which is my record, ha ha, so that was cool. And yeah the Spanish from every country is different. They all have different words as well. And I'm not sure if I've picked up an accent, I think it's about the same, an American one, haha. 

But, ahhh Liam, Liam, Liam, tell him he needs to read the Book of Mormon more.  

But the big pot was something called lokro, I think. It's like corn and vegetables and meat, its like a big stew, its... interesting. It's good, but not my first choice, haha, but it's like a traditional food here and they always make it for holidays. 

And I don't know anything about the packages (new rule that you can only send two packages a year), but you don't have to send me any, I'm good on candy and shoe inserts. We can save it for a time where I need something else more important, but thanks! 

But yeah our conference was really good Monday. We talked about being leaders in the mission and how to get better, how to help the missionaries that are struggling and how to be a leader like Jesus was. They gave us a list of like 10 scriptures in the Bible about how Jesus trained Peter to be the next prophet and it was cool to analyze those and take some stuff out. President LaPierre is really a smart guy.  He's different from other missions presidents I've heard about, more merciful I think is the word. Like he doesn't really, as they say here, drop the cane, or like yell at you or anything, but just asks you questions to make you think. He's a pretty inspired guy, thats definitely what I've seen. 

But thanks for the email mother and thanks for everything!! love and miss you. Have a good second to last week of school!!!!!

love, ben 

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