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Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 53: Eldorado, Argentina

But yeah, the Mormon world is super small. There's a sister in this mission that knew Josh and Hannah (Ben's cousins) when they lived in Dubai.  

A lot of people here are pretty ignorant when it comes to religion, basically they just beleive that the Mormons are like a weird church and that we get paid by the goverment and the church to come here and baptize people. But they don't really know very much, 

The time just goes by way too fast. It's crazy that it's already September.   

And my shoes are fine for now, I think I'll be good for like at least 6 more months. And then I'll see if i just buy a pair here. 

But but yeah, I think I already reached my package limit, you really don't have to send me packages mom, I'm really fine, but thanks!!

But wow, that's great that Helen is getting married (Ben's cousin), and in the DC temple, thats cool! You'll have to send me some pics, and you'll have to send me some pics of what's going on at home as well! 

But yeah, my companion and I get along really well and we are doing really well, we have a lot of peple that are progressing, it just rained super hard Sunday morning and like there were 85 people in church 2 weeks ago and yesterday there were like 6 when we got there and 2 of our investigators. We had a super good lesson with Zulma and I think she is going to get baptized here soon, I'm not sure but she's finally kinda pulling towards us and realizing what the best decision is.  And we have a few other people that are doing really well, had some good experiences, finding a few nice people, exploring some new areas, and actually getting a few references from the members, which is super nice, so this week shall be a good week. 

We had a leader conference today in Posadas which was really good, talked about building the church and making sure the new converts progress. I've found from lots of experiences here that is super easy to fall away from the gospel if you are not careful. It's just weird here it happens so frequentely that its kinda scary and sometimes you just don't know what to do to help the people. But there is only so much you can do and then its kinda of their part as well.  I think the people that you hang around are definitely the biggest influence and make the biggest difference.

This change with my companion went by super fast, it's pretty crazy. It goes by fast I think when you have a  good companion. But some of the pictures I sent are from a really nice hotel we stayed in. I'm not sure why we got to stay in a hotel cause we usually sleep like 10 to a room on the floor when we come for the leader conferences but this time it was suppppper nice, took the best shower of my life and enjoyed walking barefoot on carpet for like the first time in 14 months, haha but it went really well.  I'm still in Posadas cause I'm doing some paperwork here and then in the evening we are back on the grind.  But thanks for everything mom, have a great week and tell everyone I said helllo.!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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