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Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 52: Eldorado, Argentina

I think it's pretty good to take notes in Sacrament meeting. I gave a talk yesterday and taught Sunday School for the young men and women. I talked about procrastination and using our time wisely. I shared an example of making brownies, which is pretty easy and cheap but not healthy, making tacos which is a little harder and more expensive but maybe a little more healthy, and then scalloped potatoes which is longer and more expensive but the best.... haha and that we have to make decisions on how to use our time, good better and best. And there's always a good option, better option and best option. I think Elder Oaks gave a talk about it a while ago that was pretty good. But I tried to make it interesting because the talks here usually aren't the most exciting talks to listen to, and I think there were only like two people sleeping during mine so hopefully it wasn't too bad hahaha.

But it sounds like the US is in the news a lot. There are people that tell us that there are like big wars and stuff we are involved in. I'm sure they kind exaggerate, but there must be some things going on. Some guy told us the other day that we need to go preach to Obama because he is the one that needs to change. 

But we are doing pretty well. We have some people that are progressing and some people that we need to kind of let go for now. But Zulma is doing... pretty good I guess. I think she's scared to make a decision. But the zone is doing really well. July was a rougher month and we are trying to recover because it rained for like 3 weeks straight but now everyone in the zone is finding a few people to teach and baptizing a little bit so that's good. But yeah, everything is fine, nothing too exciting happening but I'll be sure to keep you updated. How is school going for everyone?? How's work for you and dad? How is the ward doing? How is the retention of all the converts that were baptized these past few months?  Thanks for the letter and have a great week!!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday Dad.

My shoes only made it a year.

Love, Ben 

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