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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 50: Eldorado, Argentina

Wow, sounds like a super crazy week! 

That's awesome though that Lolita's dad got baptized. What are the missioanries or members doing for retention efforts that works well?? and did you tear up more floors?? and the US is bombing iraq?? why?? are we at war?? and Josh went to the temple?? that's pretty SWEET. 

We had 85 people in total come to church yesterday, which was super sweet, and a few that didn't go for different assignments in other branches-so that was pretty awesome. The branch is working pretty well and the people are coming back into activity. We are going to put on a temple activity night to get all the less actives excited to go, or go back, to the temple in about November. They found a cheaper way to do it, there are little vans they rent that hold 15 people and the cost would be about 500 pesos for each one or 50 dollars, which is cheaper than taking a bus, so I think they are excited about that. And we also had 8 new investigators come to church which was pretty sweet, and we are finding a lot of people to teach, and the members are getting a little more involved. At the end of our last baptism we showed the video, "Of small and simple things", I'm not sure if you've seen it. It's like a short video without words that a mission in California made, and it shows a girl that gives a Book of Mormon to her friend, and then his whole family gets baptized. So we showed that, and had a little discussion about how everyone felt during the baptism and during the video and then gave everyone Book of Mormons to give out to their friends, and we have had a few people that actually did it. So the work seems to finally be growing a little. The branch president here is really great though, I think he's doing really well, he's re organized the whole branch and is giving lots of people callings.  The Young Woman's organization just had 1 girl, but he called a president and 2 counselors and they are out working. And two of our investigators that came to church were young woman. So things are going pretty well.

I have to go to Posdas at 3:00 am tomorrow to get there are like 7:30 and do paperwork and then come back in the afternoon. There is also a little branch called San Vicente where the missionary is the President and like 8 months ago there were like 15 people going to church and now there are like 60 and they have 8 baptisms planned for the end of this month and next month. So our zone is doing pretty well. 

But this week the weather was awesomeeee, super nice weather, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can, haha. And preparation day is good, it was my companion's birthday yesterday and his Christmas package got here just in time for his birthday, hahahaha that was pretty funny. 

And I would like to thank my siblings for their words of wisdom, as well as Josh... Tell Liam that I hope he gets called to Venezuela... cause they don't even let Americans in, haha. 

Thanks for everything, and have a great weeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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