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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 51: Eldorado, Argentina

This week was pretty nice, the weather was super nice and we have some people to teach.  It was tough though because a lot of the people that were supposed to come to church didn't come, for dumb reasons, but they are really good people and have lots of potential to progress.  It was pretty good though.  

We went and made lunch with a family we are teaching, we didn't take the camera unfortunately, but they have a tinyyyy little house with a little metal stove that you heat with wood and we cooked something called reviro which is bascially flour water and salt, but its actually pretty good, I'm not sure why. And right after lunch we got a call saying that there was a baptism in the other branch in Eldorado and if we had anyone that wanted to go we could take them. So we ran to Zulma's house and invited her and went with her and she really liked it, said it was powerful..... but she still hasn't made the decision to join the church..... but progressing. Its cool though that seeing things like that and feeling the spirit really makes people want to change, which is why the Gospel is a "learn and go do" kind of thing and not just "a learn." It was good to have a positive result after making lots of efforts. 

But that's really crazy that school is already starting up there and everything is going back to the routine. Sounds like ward conference went well and that seminary is going to be good this year. Are you teaching seminary??? I'm teaching the Sunday School youth class and trying to get them to get more involved in family history work.... but it's really different here, the culture.  The youth have a really tough time coming to church and focusing and paying attention. It's good that they come, but sometimes its tough to grab their attention. 

But yeah, I think doing hard things really help kids get ready for the future.  It is good for them to get out and do hard stuff. I watched the documentary about Gordon B. Hinkley today and it was really good, I liked it a lot.    

And dad's question, has missionary work changed me... hahaha yeah a ton. Actually just today, there was a district Preisthood acitivity between 6 different branches at our building here and we went and played ping pong and chatted and ate lunch and stuff for preparation day.  And at the end they asked us on the stop to tell the people there about missionary work and the blessings we receive from going on the mission and the blessings our families receive as well. I had my companion play a song on the piano with one hand and then he played it again with two hands and I said that the difference between the two songs is like my life, I learned a lot of things about life and did a lot of stufff before the mission, but I feel like compared to what I know now and my perspective  and the person I have become has opened up a few new doors and now I feel like life is a little more complete and I feel like I'm living life with two hands. If that makes sense.. but I think I explained it better this morning, haha. 

But thanks for the update and for writing me, hope everything is going well!!! Have a great weeek!!!!!! 

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