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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 57: Posadas, Argentina

Hellllo! I think I'll end up staying here in the office till about March and then leave my last two transfers to go out into the field, that is what we are hoping, and basically what President told me-but we shall see.    

But yeah, I actually bought clippers to cut hiar, it'll save me money in the long run and its really about the same, there are missionaries that know how to cut hair so it's cool. 

And I did get the email from Josh, well the one from last week. I guess he's in the field now and didn't write a letter this week, but it was pretty funny-his letter from last week. 

It's cool being in a trio, I get along really well with the elder that is training me, Elder Parks, but we almost never work in a trio. We usually do divisiones or one of stays behind in the office to keep taking care of stuff. But no, there's no one that really gets left out in the trio, I had already known both of them before I got here so it's fun. 

But this week was super good, the bishop is really excited to work with us and we baptized the 2 daughters of a less active lady, they are now doing really well and really like church.  We are actually finding really cool people to teach and finding some less actives that actually really want to come back to church. The other day the bishop did divisones with us, I went with Elder Parks and Elder Meniz went with the bishop and he gave us four families to visit in an hour.  So we were like hmm, what can we do in one hour? So we decided to go caroling and all the people we visited loved our singing, haha, which was surprising.  They invited us to lunch and cried a little as well, an older widow lady I think. So that was pretty cool. I think the mission is really fun if you make it fun and if you make it interesting and really make effort to make it a good experience it happens. SO I'm doing well.

Thanks for the letter and have a great weeeek!!!!!!!!! Elder Roberts

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