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Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 55: Posadas, Argentina

Hope everything is going well up there. So this week has been pretty exciting, it's a lot of fun being in the office. It was kind of different though because there were transfers and new people coming in and we had to help with all of that so it ran smoothly, but it's cool to be able to help all the missioanries with their temporal stuff. It's kind of a stressful job because it's all the money and there is a whole lot of it, and you have to keep track of allll of it with receits and money and there's alotttt to remember. But its pretty cool, it's like the mission behind the scenes and I get to see how everything happens, work with the other office elders and the assistants and president a lot. So I'm enjoying it so far, I think next week will be a little more chill with transfers done and I'll be starting to learn more of my responsibilties. But I'm in a trio right now, with Elder Parks who is from California, and Elder Meniz from Peru. The other office elders are for Chile, Peru, and Colombia. But it's a lot of fun, we all get along really well, I knew most of them before I came here. 

This morning I learned how to drive stick shift, so now I can go out and drive the truck around and do errands and stuff and pay bills, haha but it's pretty cool to be able to drive again. 

But sounds like everyone is doing well up there and school is going well. And that's awesome that Josh is at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) right now.   

And the ward here in Posadas is really nice, I haven't met too many of them yet, but it sounds like a really nice ward, and the area is really great as well.  There are some cool people that the other elders before had been teaching that I am now teaching. Basically we are in the office every day till 4:30 and then we leave to go work in the field.  If we still have some urgent things to do we go back at 8:00 and finish things up. I think it will be nice to not be a zone leader, eight months of it was really tiring, so it's nice to have a change I think. So I'll have to tell you more about my job later when I actually know what I'm doing, haha.  But thanks for the email, I'll be writing Thursdays, well most Thursdays I think from now on. But have a great week!!!

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