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Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 56: Posadas, Argentina

Yeah, it's been pretty good this week. There is a lot to do and a lot to learn, but i think I'm finally getting the hang of it. It's just a lot of remembering stuff and counting and making sure that you get all the receipts of all the stuff that the mission does and buys. And it gets complicated with the Pesos and Guarnie and different currencies, but not too bad. 

And Elder Parks who is training me, who I think his uncle might have served with dad in Colombia at the same time, will leave in like two weeks. He's been in the office like 10 months and has some older stuff that he has to do so I can start on a clean sheet and don't end up finding that he lost 100 dollars or has a 100 dollars extra in the bank or something. 

But church was good, there are a lot of members here in Lavalle, and they are pretty excited about missionary work. Being in Posadas helps a lot and i think the wards and branches are finally starting to get things moving. There are 5 baptisms in the ward this week. There are three companionships that are in the same ward here and we are all going to baptize someone, so i think that will be cool. There is a less active lady that is now coming back and really likes church and has two daughters that she really wants to go to church and learn and have values, and they are getting baptized and they really like it.  There are pretty good youth programs here so it makes it easier. The area is really good as well, there are a lot of people and lots to do, lots of members that can be reactived as well, so we shall see what happens. 

The apartment is pretty nice, we live with two other elders, but i think we are moving soon because it's kinda far from the office and its super hot in the summer. We don't really eat with members that much because our area is 15 minutes away and we would have to drive there and back and would lose a lot of time driving. So we usually cook, or we find a pretty cheap restaurant close by during the week.  On the weekends we eat with members. 

But yeah it's been really nice weather this past month, a little rain but it's not too hot yet, but it's getting close-  October and November the heat starts rolling in.  The windows are broken so the air gets out and the mosquitos get in. 

But Pday isn't really too much of a pday, we are usually stuck doing office stuff in the morning and then we eat lunch and watch a church movie or just kinda rest and clean the house. But it's pretty good so far, its kinda tiring, but it's fun. It's nice being around lots of people all the time, it kinda helps you keep the excitement going and not fall into discouragement because there're always other missionaries around you. But thanks for the letter and have a great weeek!!!!!!

Elder Roberts

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