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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 35: Posadas, Argentina

This week was pretty good, and then i got sick with the flu and it's hard to do missionary work with the flu... but i'm pretty much all better now..... And yeah its a pretty stressful job, sometimes the leaders make it tough because we always verify with the missionaries what they are doing and some don't really know how to treat the missionary lightly and help them move along, but rather get mad or tell them they need to do better, but president is focusing on that and helping us do better always. 

And yeah i don't think we would surivive if the members didn't do our laundry. The stuff here is super expensive and its frustrating because i could buy a camera in Paraguay for cheaper than here but its tough to do that and i'm afraid if i gave the money to someone there it would lose it or something would happen. But i shall see. and the week was pretty good, and the zone is.. good- some people good some not so great.  There are 2 hermanas that are really struggling, but the rest are doing really well, they are just really needy because they are new and need lots of help and think they arent good missionaries cause they don't have lots of lessons during the week or not that many come to church, its just they're missionaries. And we want to have a zone activity the last p day of the transfer so we shall see. And we found some new people, some good people too, but the really cool ones are the ones that can't walk and can't get to church and there aren't too many members with cars that can go get them.... one lady that was super poor and had a fever paid for a taxi to come and said she loved it, but she's like a 85 year old and has 18 kids and cant really walk.. but shes really cool. 

And we had a conference today with the president which was super good, about working with the members and it was pretty nice.  The assistant to the president from Peru that's been the assistant for like 8 months who is just fantastic, like probably will be a 70 one day, leaves in a week and gave his testimony today at the end and it was pretty cool to hear, but i learned alootttt from him and it's sad to see him go. But yeah everything is going pretty well, can't complain too much seeing that i'm a lot better off compared to a lot of people here.  It's pretty sad the drug use and just all the problems that come from it. Cause it's super cheap here- like 20 dollars worth of weed in the States is like 1 dollar here. And it hurts the people pretty badly, but i guess we are here to help them. 

But thanks Mom for everything! How was Costa Rica for dad? How did prom go? Is everyone getting excited for summer?? When's the last day of school? Talk to you next weeeeek, thanks!!!

Elder Roberts

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