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Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 36: Posadas, Argentina

There really aren't people that challenge us on beleifs too much, just the pastors that we meet and the Jehovahs Witnesses. There are lots of people that think weird stuff about us like that we come and we have tons of money and that every person we baptize will get like 1000 dollars, and there is some polygamy stuff, but not too much. And lots of people think I'm a spy... haha. But that's good dad had fun on his vacation. I'm getting transfered to Elderado, which is little bit more up north, still in Argentina, but im excited. My companion will be Elder Hom from Guatamala, and he's really cool I've met him before. My zone is a little smaller, I'm still going to be zone leader and senior companion, but my zone is a little bit smaller so less stress haha. And the people in my zone are cool. My trainer is in my zone as well.  But i think we could do skype at like 500 my time??  you can prepare a bunch of questions for me haha. And my companion is good, and this past week was good, lots of rain but we had a baptism which was nice, it was a lady that is really awesome and really funny. But it was a nice baptismal service we had and it went really well. And Eder Leiva and I, the one that went home, just traded ties, his name is Lehi. But sacarament meeting was actually really good, Elder Leiva that went home came because he baptized like 25 people in the area I'm serving in now and some of them got up and bore their testimonies and thanked him for waht he did for sharing the gospel with them, so that was pretty nice. And I'm excited for Josh's mission call.

But thanks for everything!!! I got the package Thursday with the white board and candy and stuff. Thanks…I might have eaten all the candy already, obviously shared some with my comp. And we watched one of the movies grand mom sent, Ephraims Rescue, it was pretty good. But thanks for everything!!!! I guess we will be talking this Sunday!! I'll try to get on 5:00 my time, if not I'll let you know if anything changes. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Ben 

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