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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 38: Eldorado, Argentina

Oh wow, so the BYU semester already ended?? 

But wow, that's awesome dad that you got to meet with Elder Ballard!! He's super missionary work focused it seems, but that sounds like a great experience. 

But I also reallly like being a zone leader here in the mission, but there are definitely some tough parts, like right now as I'm trying to tell an elder to get off of Youtube that seems to want to stay on.... but it's been interesting trying to apply and practice applying Doctrine and Covenants 121: 41-43 (I think) that talks about reprimanding in the moment and that the priesthood can only be used with righteousness, or something like that. 

But thanks for the encouragement!! thanks for always teaching me good things when I was growing up and being patient with me. I realized here on the mission looking back how patient you and mom were with me and all the good things you and mom did to be able to raise me right, so thanks! But hope you have a good week and can finish the school year strong and keep fulfilling the calling as a bishop dad!! Love you!!


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