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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 33 Posadas, Argentina

Our week was pretty good, there're always ups and downs, but its better to focus on the ups. But i really dont know what we are going to do for Easter, i kinda forgot about it until today. and wow thats a lot of people at grandmoms for Easter, haha sounds like fun!

Today, we cleaned a little, went to see if my camera can be fixed and we have to go back another day when the guy is there but they think they can fix it, so ill let you know but i feel like its fine. And then we cut our hair, bought food and just kinda rested for a little bit, it was kind of a chill day which was much needed. and yeah the members are still washing our clothes and i think all of them here have washing machines. im pretty sure. and for our lunches, hmmm we have had some rice and the noodles, some chicken, some more noodles and some soups and hmmm not really sure. pretty much that, but its usually pretty good. We like to cook hotdogs and eggs and put them in little tortillas at night if we have time. But we are teaching a few people.. but one called raquel that is cool, old and fat and cant walk but is really funny and i think shes going to get baptized may 3rd and a few other people, a really intersting guy luiz that is really catholic and smart but we are tryting to get him to read the book of mormon and rosa and paula thats a mom and daughter that are praying and reading and everything right now and are on the edge about it but i think that they are going to progress and maybe get baptized in may. But honestly we kinda have to go look for some new ones this week. and wow that is super crazy that mark johnson uses skype and with his friends on his mission. i dont think the chruch trusts some the missionaries down here with that kind of stuff... when they already do that kind of stuff anyway......... but thats super cool. and thats great that that lady that lives near the church is going to get baptrized, sounds like the hagerstown ward is doing really well!! i bet bishop castle is working hard as mission leader and dad is doing well as bishop, but wow im jealous he gets to go to costa rica, which part? there is an elder here i know that is from costa rica. and ohhh noooo is he really the junior class advisor....thats a  lot of work. Tell him good luck, but im sure he will be fine he always does a good job with the stuff he commits to. 

I think I just need the whiteboard, if you can, a new watch, just a cheap one from walmart like the one i started which, it endured a brutal 9 months haha but it was comfy i liked it. i think it was timex. now i have a new pocket watch. it kinda broke. and the movie 17 miracles if you can find it. i want to watch it. and the other side of heaven. just to be able to watch on pday in the future. But sorry im so expensive... hopefully everyone at home is going well and everyone enjoys easter break!!!! Thanks for everything!!! love you!


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