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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 31: Posadas, Argentina

My new companion is pretty cool, Elder Arenas from Peru and he has a year and 5 as a member and 5 months in the mission. And he is super humble. I think he was pretty poor before, he lived by himself and worked in a shoe factory. And yeah we are finding some people to teach its just kinda like the people here don't like commitments.... which is probably why 90 percent of them aren't married. But we commited 20 people to be baptized and only 1 came to church..... it rained so im glad we had at least one. We had a meeting with president Lapierre today and it was pretty sweet, he is a super smart guy. And I learn alot from him. 

Tell liam to stop procrastinating and that it will serve him well. And woooahh thats sweet dad gets to go to costa rica. for free!! haha thats awesome. Nice little vacation. 

And yeah i got the envelope with the shoe inserts and the candy!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!! and i actually got the little box as well!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!! its still pretty warm but I'm sure I'll be able to start using the Under Armor pretty soon. Thanks!! And woahhhh Liam is almost as tall as dad??? thats crazzy. I'm sure he's still super frail and has noooooooo muscles hahahahahaa just kidding, but thanks for everything!!!  

love and miss everyone!!!!!

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