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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 30: Posadas, Argentina

Haha! Argentina has climates that are realllly different. There's a place called Formosa that's like 115 degrees in the summer and then in Tierra del Fuego in the south it's like always snowing!. But this week did cool down a lot. I was using a sweater yesterday because it got pretty chilly. It's because it rained Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday a little bit Thursday. So the weather really cooled down but I think it's heating up again and  my companion and I got sick (haha) from the weather change but we are almost better now. 

I'm sad I'm missing March Madness but it's all good. How's Jabaari Parker doing?  And that's good Nathan's soccer team is doing well, but not so great that there are kids vandalizing the church.... haha. The church here is pretty locked up with a huge gate around the whole thing, but all the houses are like that, huge gates around the house with big metal locks because it gets pretty dangerous I think, and the church is a pretty nice church compared to everything else.

I've learned to always have a talk prepared for sacrament meeting in Paraguay when I spoke for 20 minutes on the spot which was interesting but I now know that it is important.. But our investigator is doing well; I'm thinking he's going to make it. He just has a lot of problems with his work always calling him in and stuff. And the ward is doing well, they cook pretty well and wash our clothes but not too many references haha. at lunch we say...... hmmmm wow I heard there was someone that lived around here that was really cool that went to church and almost got baptized or that is really cool and is looking for a church (not knowing that there is someone like that..) and they are usually like.. hmmm oooooohhhh yeah there's that one guy over there, oh there is that one lady down the street haha its pretty funnny when we ask them if they know anyone we can teach and they say no but when we do the other thing they are like ohhh yeaaaaaaaa.

But yeah we received the transfers this morning, Elder Ake is going to Encarnacion to whitewash as a zone leader which is like impossible haha; he and his companion are going to be new to the area; I think in the states they call it shotgunning, but should be fun for him.  I met my new companion before, Elder Arenas from Peru who has about 6 months in the mission so we are both super new but should be fun. I think he's a convert of about a year and a half as well so it will be a interesting experience but should be fun. But thanks for everything!!! I want to go look and buy a little whiteboard and start drawing stuff during lessons for the people because the people here really like nice visuals.
Love and miss everyone!! Have a good week!!!!!
Elder Ben Roberts

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