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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 28: Posadas, Argentina


Hmmm that's interesting about the elders not being able to find too many people. We are kinda having that problem because our area is super small, and I'm already getting tired of it and passing by the same houses that I've already contacted or seeing people in the street that know me by name haha because we have taught them before.  Presidente LaPierre went to a confernce with Elder Ballard and came back and told us we should be talking to 10 people every missionary, so 20 every companionship every day outside of actually contacting houses and our set appointments. So in the street, on the bus, in stores and stuff like that. And it's kinda working we are getting some people to teach and getting references from other areas. And when we contact a lot and get references from other areas the other missionaries start to trust us more and they start contacting more as well because they are seeing that we are having success so that's cool. 

One elder in my district got a envolope, like a flat rate envelope from the post office that was like 25 bucks and it was kinda relatively big. But thanks!!!!! I'm not sure if I can keep receiving boxes because I think they are expensive to take out. I haven't heard anything but I'm not sure if will be able to keep receiving them. But thanks for everything!!!!!! Are the kids getting excited for summer?? How is dad doing the bishop calling??  Do you have any vaction plans for summer?? 
thanks for everything!!!!!!
Love, Ben 

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