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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 27: Posadas, Argentina

Hola, Everyone!

And the week was pretty good, we had a baptism and it was pretty nice, our person that was going to preside and the person that was going to give a talk cancelled like 10 minutes before but that's Argentina for ya. But it went pretty well.  The girl,Graciela, was pretty happy. 
And more snow?? woooo that should be fun. But it actually hasn't rained all that much, it's been pretty surprising. Like it rained a lot at night while we have been sleeping and during church, during meetings. But it's been nice.
Hey i actually got the package from Grandam  the office elder had to go home because he got sick and a new one came in and didn't really know what to do so I had to wait a little while. But tell grandmom thank you very much and I enjoyed the chocolate and the music is really really good. I really liked the cds she sent. 
And our invesitgators.... haha not so great, they all bascially just fell away cause they weren't doing anything. We have one girl that is a partial member family but the mom is the only one that isn't a member and she doesn't want to give us permission to baptize her daughter.... but the daughter wants to get baptized... but I'll just say that we will be doing a lot of contacting this week haha. But it's fine; itshould be fun to go look for new people. Our area isn't very big but there are some places we haven't explored too well yet.  
But thanks for everything!!!! love and miss you!! bye!!

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