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Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 32 Posadas, Argentina

Yeeeeeeep watched all 10 hours of General Conference, I have to admit to falling asleep a little becuase we were in a dark room with air conditioning.... and I think my body was a little exhausted, but good job Nathan for going to the preisthood session!! 

Thats interesting about the two teams in the basketball final. But not very exciting seeing that its kentucky and uconn.. for like the 10th time. But woooo josh is leaving in july!!!! thats when he put his date?? 

Yeah Sister Craven ended up like write next to my area like 15 minutes away, different zone but same city. 

And yeah i think its good to have the people talk about their missions during seminary, it gets the kids excited I think. 

And my companion is from Lima, from what he told me he's from the really dangerous scary part. He has lived on his own since he was 18 and worked and found the church through his girl friend who was less active and then he ended up getting baptized when she reactivated. 

And whattttttt unlce jeff is going to Berlin?!! woahh, does he have to learn German?? or does he already know it? And Uncle David is going to Islamabad whatttttttt thats crazy! And afterwards retiring. Wow haha thats pretty cool but sounds scary. Whats so dangerous about it? do the people like to harass americans there? 

And no i haven't gotten to use the object lesson, i can buy cups here but i've been so caught up in things that i haven't really had the chance to think.  And yeah i still get to study spanish almost everyday, we started the winter schedule again where we study in the morning till 10:30 eat lunch at 12:00 and then work till 9:00, so its a little more intense especially walking in the sun right after getting fed a lot of heavy food, but more motivation to talk to more people and sit down in their house so we can rest a little haha. And yesss the accents are pretty funny, the Colombians never lose their accent, there's is a Colombian hermana that told me Cali is a tough mission, the one dad served, I don't know if he thinks the same.  And the Peruvians speak pretty normally, pretty well, Argentinians from Buenos Aires have accents that are reallllly different, or from the southern part. Their y´s are sh´s and their double ll´s are sh´s. But yeah its funny to hear how they all talk differently. But thanks for everything!!!!! I think the only thing I want for my birthday is a small whiteboard, if you can find one with some dry erase markers and also if you can find of copy of the movie 17 milagros. I don't think I need too much, don't spend a lot of money on me. You can save it for college books or a food plan at BYU. Or a chiptole fund for when i come back. But we had a little activity in the chapel with the other missionaries in the zone and it made us get here a little late so i didn't have too much time to write. But thanks for everyone!! Tell everyone i love them as well. I also heard lots of love and service and courage and gratitude in conference, it was pretty good. But thankssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, ben

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