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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 22: Posadas, Argentina

 Hola everyone!!!! I heard it's pretty cold up there, hopefully everyone is staying warm. But this week was pretty good for us. We found some cool people to teach, ate some good food and had some cool experiences. It seems like ever since I got here to Argentina, it's been really crazy, like we are always doing something different, always changing companions for a day and working with other people, leaving and coming back to my area, traveling to make sure other missionaries are okay when they don't answer their cell phones because it rained really hard and their phone broke or coming home and having to do a bunch of stuff in the dark because our street lost electricity. But it's been pretty fun; the more unordinary things that happen the more interesting the days are and usually they are more fun. But hopefully everyone is doing well and reading the Book of Mormon ;) Have a good week!!!!!


Elder Ben Roberts


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