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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 20: Posadas, Argentina

(From a letter to Mom and Dad) 
I heard it's pretty cold up there right now. but ahh thats weird with all the health problems.  But church in Posadas is pretty nice, air conditiong, there's a piano player and I don't have to teach the gospel principles class haha so it's nice. The ward isn't too big, like 90 people. Two other elders in the ward were sleeping in our apartment with us for a week but they bought air conditiong and now we don't see them as much. But we do divicciones(exchanges/divisions?) every week so I'll be able to see them more. And two of the secretaries to the president are in the district so that's cool to have them help us. Inside guys on the office haha get books of Mormon easily and stuff like that. And ahh there's so much stuff to do, I haven't slept a lot this past week haha. 

 But we ate and went shopping and did some stuff with the nubmers in the computer and went and got our clothes and all that good stuff for pday. But yeah elder Ake is super cool. I like him, really nice and he helps me a lot with what I should be doing. So it's good and we actaully take a lot of colectivos here, not sure at the end of the month when we run out of money haha but we take colectivos like every other day or sometimes every day to go to different parts of the area. And the people here are a little more receptive I think but it's just a little harder to find the really receptive people. But it's going pretty well. I hope everything is going well up there! love and miss you!!!
Elder Ben

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  1. I’m glad that you’re having a good time, Ben. Living in another place or country is quite difficult because it’s not like home. But the way you describe your place – nice environment, with air conditioner, and a piano player – it sounds great. I’m sure your parents are very happy knowing that you’re fine and happy. Keep it up!

    Jim @