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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 23: Posadas, Argentina

(From a letter to his parents)

Yeah the internet here is a little faster so it's easier to send pictures. But noo, we had a bunch of stuff to do and didn't have time to wash our clothes so I had to pull out all the long sleeves. But it's really not that bad because it's really the sun that just burns but with long sleeves, the sun doesnt burn the school so it's not as hot. But you sweat more. So I'm not really sure what's better. And the heat is pretty bad, I'm really glad we have a nice air conditioning thing to sleep with because without that I would probably be dead. Not really, but it would be bad. But yeah during the day it's pretty hot. 

And oo the super bowl sounds pretty exciting. not really. but yeah I'm not really sad I missed it; I'll be sad during march madness and probably depressed during the world cup. But I might get to watch Argentina play their games with members or investigatores. I've heard there are presidents that have done it in the past with other missions because everyone is watching the game and there's really nothing you can do. But we will see. I'll be crossing my fingers. and ahh it would be nice if it snowed here. 

And today, we had another consejo, I forgot the word in english i think its like advice, but it's like a meeting with the president and all the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the mission so we had that for like 7 hours and ate lunch and I got to see some firends that are in other parts of the mission and now we have pday for like 3 hours until the end of the day, but it was reallly really good.  The president is so cool and so wise haha. and some of the people that are leaving shared their testimonies and it was a pretty nice meeting.  And I think we are going to eat chinese food next week because it will be that last day of the change or we might make pizza in the church building. But we didn't have a baptism yesterday, some other elders did in our zone. But it went really well. Our zone had a lot of success in January and was the highest baptizing zone, but I think of a lot of is because of the location and the member support so it's really not a lot to brag about at all haha but it was nice, and there's not too much new I don't think.  We met a lady who claimed that we were people from the US government and she claimed she was the daughter of George Bush and that she needed our help to find her real idenity and that Barack Obama came and broke the law of chastity with her and now has the daughter of Barack Obama............. so that was probably the most interesting lesson I've had in the mission so far. 

Love and miss everybody!! have a good week!!
Elder Ben Roberts

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