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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 24

Woah munch and mingle sounds pretty fun haha. But whatttt Fransisco got his mission call!!!!!!! that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you get his email address for me?? and ahh I forgot the olympics were on. biscuits. And are you learning about the old testament in sunday school?? the people here in Argentina and Paraguay use the teachings of the profets books and they are in joseph f smith. And how many days off of school have you had? seems like a lot. 

Would you be mad if i gave all my suits shirts and pants away before i leave? The shopping is pretty good. Theres a place really similar to Cuidad del Este downtown, but its really small with a bunch of knock off stuff and its really cheap, but a bought a tie. And we got to the supermarket every pday to buy stuff because here we don't have lunch every single day so we have to make our own sometimes. And yeah i can communicate really well and understand like 95 percent of what people say. So yeah its all good, and we walk a lot, but we also take buses sometimes. We try to focus in one little area one day so we don't have to walk alot and so we can teach a lot of people without losing time walking. And yeah we sweat a lot, and there are a some houses that have air conditioning but not all of them, definitely a lot more than in Paraguay. And we kinda have two places that we work in so one day we go to one and teach the people we have taught before and find some new people and then the next day we go to the other place, but it depends. And nope the members here do our laundry- thank goodness cause we don't have time at all. But thanks for the updates. Transfers are Wednesday, but me and my companion are staying here!! so thats good, but we have to go to the bus terminal and make sure everything goes well and stuff like that. But all is well. We ate a bunch of pizza today and yeah everything is going well. Did splits with the president which was really cool, and really spiritual, so that was a really good experience. Hope everything is going well. l love and miss you! seeya!

Posadas Zone February 2014

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