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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 75:Posadas, Argentina

I feel like i always start of my letters saying, "Well this week was good," but every week seems to be pretty good. We have been pretty busy planning and having the leader conference.  Everything went pretty well and turned out well, so it was pretty fun. It's nice though when it ends so that we can kinda relax and have a little break. The next two weeks should hopefully be pretty chill, obviously with stuff to do, but not as much until transfers again. I should be getting a new companion sometime this week or maybe the next, we´ll see. I like Elder Meniz, but after 6 months sometimes ya gotta change it up a little. Weeks where we have conferences are tough sometimes because we don't have time to go to our area, but there really isn't much we can do about it. 

Our new Bishop is pretty cool, he doesn't work too much, so he has a lot of time to go out and teach with us and asked us when we wanted him to go and teach with him. But i think it's more necessary because he gets a lot of weight on his back. I think the weight of the ward isn't as spread out onto the leaders of the organizations as it is the States, and sometimes that weighs the bishops down a lot. But he is really nice and pretty excited about missionary work, and i think we are going to have our first Ward council meeting this Sunday, which should hopefully help out a lot and get the ward moving again. 

We went and cut down some trees at a ladies' house last Saturday which was pretty fun because they were banana trees and there were big bushels of bananas that fell down. The trees were weird because with just one swipe of the machete it just cut right through, but they were super heavy. The trunk was full of watery gushy stuff, it was weird, but pretty cool. 

But this week i felt like i wasn't having much luck, a few bad things happened... but then this morning i lost my wallet and i was pretty upset because it had quite a bit of money in it and my license.  I figured that it's Argentina, that if someone finds it that they'll definitely take all the money and probably not return it. So i was pretty upset, and i was like, well if I've been working pretty hard and doing what I'm supposed to why does bad stuff like this happen to me?   But then God was like, "Well, don't get too upset about it."  Then we got a call from a guy who saw another guy pick up my wallet that was in the street. And the guy that picked it up in the street was super cool and he decided to keep it because he wanted to make sure it got into the right hands. It turns out the guy that saw him pick it up looked at my license and was like, "He's from the States, i bet he's a missionary." It turns out that his nephew is a member and served a mission as well.  So the guy called his nephew, who called the missionaries from his ward, who called us, and then we called the nephew who gave us the number of his uncle.  We went to his house and he called the guy that found my wallet so that he could come to his house.  Then he came and gave me my wallet that had everything in it, even the money.  It was super cool, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. And that's how i got my wallet back, ha ha. So pretty cool story. 

But thanks for the email and for everything! Love and miss you, have a great week!!

Elder Roberts


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