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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 77: Posadas, Argentina

Hmm, about the BYU housing, i guess you can go ahead and start looking into it. But i was talking to the Sister in my zone and she told me that off campus is definitely better than on campus. And that at BYU there are some good housing places. She said Belmont was good, but it was like 15 minutes from campus and that King Henry was good as well. I guess you could start looking into it and the prices and stuff and what looks good, and next week you can let me know what you find and we can make a decision. 

That´s really cool about the guy that is going to get baptized Saturday. We are teaching a guy right now named Carmelo that is pretty interested and has gone to church twice, and he is really good friends with a member. So we´ll see what happens with him in the next few weeks. We are still in the process of finding a few more people to teach.  We have a few references, but it's really hard to find them and teach them with our schedule and their schedule. But everything is going pretty well.

The other day we took the member list of all the members that live in our area, and there are a lot.  We were praying to see which people we could go visit.  There was a partial member family that we had visited before and  had talked to their oldest son who said he works on Sundays.  He also had said that neither his brother nor his mom got baptized just because they didn't really want to. But this time we found the dad sitting outside by himself and he invited us in to talk.  He´s been a member for about 23 years and said that he hasn´t been to church for 20 years and he said that his life wasn´t going too great.  He said that the economic situation was pretty tough and that he had put a goal to get a little closer to God this year and start to change, but that since New Year´s he hasn´t been able to that-there was something that was always holding him back. And Wednesday morning he said he got up really early to pray and think about life and what was going on and he said he was praying to find the way to change and to get a little closer to God.  That same day we drove by their house looking and we said, "Ahh but we already visited them," but we said, "Well let's go see if they´re interested and if they´ve changed."  We had a super good lesson talking to the dad, and i think he liked it a lot. We read in Enos 1:4-5 and i think that really got to him and he applied it to his life. So that was a pretty cool experience.

But this week i actually did get a new companion, but he wasn´t really that new.  The four secretaries all live together and the Material's Secretary is one of them; he just got here about a month and a half ago.   What happened is is that he got changed from Material's Secretary to President's Secretary, so now he is my companion... haha. So i already know him really well. He´s Elder Collins from Saint George, Utah, and he's pretty cool. We get along pretty well, so it should be fun. But there are changes next week, so it´s time to get really busy.  Changes are at the end of the month which makes my job really crazy because i have to change the whole system before the month ends to make sure all the money gets to the right people in their new areas. So it should be fun. 

That is true though that a lot of people like to ask the weird questions about the church and always want to know about polygamy or other controversial things. That happens a lot here.  We went to a store to buy soda for lunch and they guy was reading a Bible, which was really surprising because that doesn't happen a lot.  But we started talking to him and he immediately started to try to argue with us. He started talking about a lot of weird false doctrine and said that we go around and teach people false doctrines.  We kinda just walked away and left him be. Usually we find people that know too much and have interpreted the Bible the way they want to, or we find people that don´t know anything at all about the Bible. One lady told us, "My parents taught me not to read the Bible too much because it makes you go crazy…" Haha. All kinds of interesting people. Anyway, thanks for the update and have a great week!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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