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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 76: Posadas, Argentina

Helloooo, first of all, happy birthday to Nathan before i forget.. what did you guys do for his birthday? Tell him I'll have to give him a present when i get home. 

That's cool that grandad is getting really into genealogy.  I think here a few people are catching on to the family history thing. I guess its really hard if you don't have a computer at home, but my companion who is the only member in his family did quite a bit of work by himself before his mission. I´m still not too sure how to do it, but I'll have to have grand mom teach me this summer. It would nice to learn. Is there still a lot to do on dad's side? Well i guess there is always a lot to do, but i feel like grand mom and grandad got pretty far on it. 

This week was a pretty good week except the health part. I got really sun burnt and starting peeling... and then I got another ingrown toenail and then got a really bad flu and felt like throwing up.  It started the other night and in the morning i went and did some paperwork in the migrations office and went to the zone meeting.  Then after that i was feeling really bad and went to bed and slept in the office so that my companion could do his job.  After that I went home and slept for like 30 hours... and didn't eat anything for 2 days. But now i feel a lot better. I think it was just like a 48 stomach virus, also I think the water made me sick because i drank some sketchy water the other evening. But i feel totally fine now, i actually feel better than before, i think the resting helped a lot. 

But the reason I got sun burnt is because we had our open house car wash at the chapel which was interesting. We had a few youth go out to the streets and hold signs while we were on the basketball court washing cars and while we washed the cars we invited people to go inside the church and see what it was about.  A few members and the Sisters were there giving a tour and explaining to them what we believe.  In 3 hours i think we washed about 20 cars and about 15 of them stayed and talked and went to the church, while others kinda just came and dropped their car off and then walked away to the supermarket in front of the church to buy stuff.... i guess they didn't want to see the church, ha ha, but it was still fun. But i kinda forgot to put sunscreen on. But it was fun, it was a different way to try and do things and we got a few addresses to go visit people even though none of them lived in our area... but it still worked pretty well I think. I think my new companion is coming this Sunday so that should be exciting, and all the possibilities are missionaries that i know that i get along with really well so I'm excited. It sometimes is hard to find a replacement in the office due to needing a missionary that speaks Spanish well and that has at least 8 months or more left in the mission so that they can serve a reasonable amount of time in the office and still leave at the end to finish their missions normally. 

I´ve come to learn that February is definitely the hottest month of the year, but luckily it's the shortest. Hopefully its not too cold up there. I hope everyone has a great week and that Nathan has a great birthday!

Love, Elder Roberts

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