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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 74: Posadas, Argentina

Hmm, I don´t think it's true that all financial secretaries are good at math. I think i lost a lot of it. But it´s more just organizing and keeping track of everything rather than being good at math. It´s mostly adding and subtracting, so it doesn´t get too tough. For example, this week i went to Asuncion with Elder Choez, the paperwork and making everyone legal secretary, to help him and to organize and pay for all the travels for all the missionaries coming from like four different cities in Paraguay. But it was cool to go to Paraguay again, i think i like it a lot better than Argentina... so im hoping i'll get to go back before I finish. I may be leaving to go back to the field in mid May... which would give me 6 weeks in the field, or possibly in the beginning of April, which would give me 3 months. But Asuncion was fun, got to see the temple again and eat some really good Arabic food, a place that we always go to that´s across from the temple. We got back last night at 1200ish, but it was actually nice because i got to sleep on the bus. I miss Paraguay a lot.

But the Superbowl really is this Sunday? I totally forgot about the Superbowl. That's cool though. I don't feel like i'm missing too much though.. I think just missing the World Cup was tough. 

But yeah, they are making two new missions in Argentina, pretty crazy. I guess it´s growing a lot down there near Buenos Aires. Maybe the people here will catch the drift soon.. haha.  We actually are getting a little bit more help from the members now and they are getting a little bit more involved. We had our famous dessert night and actually a lot of people came, like 90 i think, and we had lots of dessert but they ate it all. But two of the young single adults shared a message, we played a game, kinda like If You Love Your Neighbor, and then ate, it went really well. Next Saturday we are having an open house at the chapel and a free car wash. While we are washing peoples' cars, we are going to invite them to see the open house for a few minutes... so hopefully it doesn't rain and that the members bring car washing supplies. We also did service last Saturday where we cleaned some more old diapers up, but also threw out a bunch of trash, old freezers, washing machines and driers that didn't work.  We also chopped some trees down and cut some grass.  Saw some tarantuals, a ton of small black frogs that jump super high, and I got attacked by a million red ants that got into my shoes and socks, but luckily i got them off pretty quickly, only got bit a little bit. But it's fun because the members are getting a little more active. There really aren't a lot of activties and things to do so usually when people get together they have a lot of fun, they just don't really know how to plan activities and stuff. So we try to plan them haha, and they usually turn out well. The people are getting a little more unified as we go, so it's fun to see. This Saturday we are going to help a lady put a roof on the back part of her house. 

Love, Elder Roberts


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