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Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 72: Posadas, Argentina

My week wassssss great! And really busy, but good. I´m realizing that the office is pretty cool, it's helping me a lot to organize my time and things i have to do. I really can actually feel myself getting better at stress management, like knowing i have a lot to do and little time to do it.  But it's weird, i don't really get too stressed out now. 

I´ve stopped drinking soda and eating so much unhealthy stuff and eating at night and now I'm trying to eat more fruit, and omelets for breakfast... and i'm going to try and start doing more exercises. It would be nice to run in the morning, but no one wants to run, haha. 

But woahh that's awesome that you saw Presdient Eyring... kinda jealous. Do you know if the temple is going to be closed again this summer? 

But congrats for your observation that went well mom!! That's always a relief. Also, pretty fun that there are lots of activites in the church. We are trying to start ward night types of thing, but sometimes it's hard because lots of members don't have a mode of transporation and buses are getting kind of expensive. They play soccer here at the church every Tuesdays and Thursdays we are having a dessert night.

Happy Martin Luther king day! haha yeah i dont think anyone here knows about that… I think they only know about September 11th; it's weird, people ask me sometimes, "Oooh, woah in  your country those planes knocked over those buildings right…?"

I think I'm grateful to be in a warmer mission than a cold mission. The heat stinks, but i can at least move and function, I think the cold would be tough. (Ben's cousin Josh is in Vermont where it was -35 degrees with the wind chill this week.)

Sorry my emails aren't too exciting these days, i'll try to think of more cool stuff that happened.  I just always run out of time or can't remember want happened this past week... But I'll try to get better, haha. Well have a great week and enjoy the long weekend.

love, Elder Roberts

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