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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 71: Posadas, Argentina

Sounds like it's pretty cold up there.  I kind of miss the snow, but there will probably be plenty of it in the future. This year actually hasn´t been as hot as last year. There have been some tough days, but the temperature hasn't gotten too crazy yet. February is usually the worst month though.  

That is great grand mom and grand dad are doing genealogy work.  I'm not really sure if there are lots of members that do it here, but I do see the lady that is in charge of it here in the stake center a lot, so there must be something going on. I think people go to the temple quite often here. 

I think it would be a great idea to go to the beach house this summer... haha but that's my opinion. The beach sounds fun. Actually swimming sounds pretty fun. I feel like I forgot how to swim. 

Anyway, we have not found a new apartment, it's pretty tough actually to find one here in Posadas. I think we may keep living in the same one and fix it up a little. Well the owner was supposed to fix the windows, but that never really happened... We moved our little air conditioner to a smaller side room that we have so we can close the door and the cold air actually stays in. We are also losing more missionaries than we are recieving so we are using part of our apartment as a storage unit.... which is fun, kinda. It saves money for when we open a new area and we don't have to buy a bunch of new stuff.

We had a big conference on Tuesday with all the leaders from the mission which was pretty cool. We talked about working more with the members and there were a lot of changes. The key indicators changed and now the only numbers we report on are lessons with members, references, confirmations, and attendance of investigators at church.  I think the area is staying alright, nothing much is happening, so let's have some change. Without change things sometimes can't get better.

But what I think is one of the coolest things is the organization of the church. Being in the office and seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff- it's pretty crazy how organized the church is and how well it runs.  Even though there are mistakes here and there, it continues to grow pretty rapidly. I feel like there is never a drop, there is always something better or something new that's happening.  I really beleive in the revelation and the fact that God is talking to his Prophet today and that he´s leading His church.

But thanks for the letter and the update on life in America. Have a great week, enjoy the cold!! 

love, Elder Roberts

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