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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 63:Posadas, Argentina

The mission does fly by pretty fast, but the office does make it go by faster. It's pretty crazy that it's already November, almost Thanksgiving and then it's almost Christmas. And then 2015. That´s weird, I feel like Christmas wasn´t too long ago and that we haven´t been in 2014 for too long.

But the food I eat now is pretty normal, we don't eat with members a lot so we can usually choose what we eat, which is pretty nice. But I did have some octopus the other day which was suprisingly good. It was covered in vinegar I think and it looked like it was raw and kind of just cut straight off the octopus, but I thought it was pretty tasty. I´m looking to try cow tongue soon and crocodile, but it's hard to get around here. We ate burritos the other day for a conference we had, which was awesome. But other than that, pretty normal food. We don't really have a lot of time to eat breakfast or dinner so I don't eat a lot.  But I've really gotten into arroz con leche, it's super delicious. And the fruit salad here is awesomeee. They basically cut up fruit: apples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, and pears, and throw it in a bowl and pour a liter of orange fanta soda in, it's sooo good. It's like a fruit soup cause its really liquidy, but it's awesome. 

What are my plans for college? I'm not really sure... I mean I'm headed to BYU but I really have no idea what I'm going to be studying. I will maybe think a little bit about that. I think computers actually might be cool. But it's weird, I feel like I can't think about that in the mission, it's just so different that my mind blocks it out. But President LaPierre told a cool story about how when he was working he had gotten a contract for a big company and it was a project that was going to last like 5 or 6 years.  When he was on the plane after he found out about it he just had like a huge brainstorm and planned everything out in a notebook within an hour. And he explained about covanents and keeping our covenants and that when we are truly making the effort to fulfill the promises we made, that the Lord really does bless us spiritually and temporally... and it's cool how the spirit could help you in your job, or with basically anything that's a worthy cause.

The evenings have been going well, there are some days we have to come back early to finish stuff and some days like conferences where we can't leave at all, but it's good for the most part. We have more than enough people to visit with the limited time we have, so I can't complain. And for Christmas... I dont think I need anything. The 2 package limit is a rule from he church, and it's not because they'll reject our package or anything, it's just the mission ends up paying a little more for it than we do and I don't think they want missionaries receiving too many. So I mean you could send one, but it wouldn't really be fair because I already got two this year, actually more than two I think. But just put it towards the Chipotle fund, it's fine. 

But I read that pride talk that you always talked about, I think it's from President Benson that's called Beware of Pride. And it was pretty sweet.  I never thought of myself as a super humble person, but neither a prideful person either, but that talk made me second guess myself, haha it's pretty crazy. It seems like every sin comes from pride, but it's crazy how pride can just stop progress, or make relationships not work and block out the spirit. I think a big problem missionaries have sometimes is a routine where they fall into the trap of doing the same thing all the time, or teaching the same way all the time - for example going out and contacting every single door there is and having 10 lessons a day, which isn't bad but it's really not too effective. But sometimes the pride lets us think that it's okay to do that because we have lots of good numbers and we don't want to do something different because our numbers will drop down and we won't be on the top anymore. Or our pride tells us that everything is okay and we dont need to change or switch things up, but there's really always room for progress and becoming better. So I'm trying to become a more humble person, haha we´ll see how it goes. But thanks for everything and I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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