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Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 66: Posadas, Argentina

Happy Thanksgiving!!! It doesn´t really feel like Thanksgiving because it's like 95 degrees out.  We had a big lunch today with a few members that invited us all over, but tonight we are eating Thanksgiving dinner haha, I´m making scalloped potatoes and my companion is making a Peruvian dish, so not too Thanksgivingish, but it works.

I also need to go on a diet, but I think I'll wait till new years ;) that's always a good time to start... haha. But I think I lost a little bit of weight, but I'm still not down to what I was when I started the mission. I got kinda fat when I became a pancake addict and ate pancakes every monring and night for about a month straight, but now I'm trying to eat a little bit more healthier.

This week has been pretty good though, still moving along, almost done the big project I have to do here in the office, and then life will be a little bit more relaxed, well not really but I won't feel like I have 10 different things to do at the same time. But the work is going well. 

My companion and I decided that knocking doors just wasn't really a good way to do missionary work anymore… haha, so we are trying to work a little more with members, and strengthen some of the recent converts and less actives and it's actually paying off. There were 6 investigators in church Sunday and about 10 less actives that went, and the family we are teaching that is coming back to activity has a goal to go to the temple in March. And they are progressing pretty well. So life is good, I can't complain, especially on Thanksgiving when I need to be grateful for everything! 

Anyway, next week is tranfers, lots of work and lots of fun, and usually lots of problems, but that's what makes the mission exciting! 

Hasta luegooooo.

Elder Roberts

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