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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 65: Posadas, Argentina

Sounds like its pretty chilly up there, it's been hot, but I don't think the real heat has gotten here yet.

My toe is better now, i think the nail just has to grow back, its not swollen or infected anymore so we all good. 

For thanksgiving we might be having a little dinner with the office peoples, I'm hoping. We are going to look for as many traditional Thanksgiving foods as possible, but I don't think there are too many. Plus right now I'm the only American in the office, besides President and Hermana LaPierre,… so I guess I will have to look, haha. 

And financial secretary... I guess it's a pretty good experience, it's tough sometimes because there's lots to do. There is a big problem with President´s credit card, so Elder Parks has been working on it since August, and I picked up and I'm almost done, so once that is finished I think there be a little less stress and work. 

This week was pretty enjoyable though. Today we went and ate at Burger King on the beach in Paraguay and played ping pong, so that was fun, relaxing and stress relieving. 

Other than that it wasn't too eventful this week. We went and cut a tree down with a machete for a lady in the ward and did a bunch of paperwork for some missionaries. Pretty exciting stuff, haha. The next time I'll write will be Thanksgiving, so enjoy the last few days of school until the break!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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