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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 62: Posadas, Argentina

This week has gone pretty well, we had two investigators come to church, a couple that we are teaching who are pretty cool. They are really nice and made us lunch one day.

But yeah Halloween here isn't really the same. No one really celebrates it. It's kinda of like a bad day I think, or it has a negative sort of feel-as if it was actually a day of dark magic and stuff like that. But I'm planning on buying a bunch of candy and eating it. So I'll be celebrating solo. 

But yeah its heating up down here, we are trying to move houses because our house is pretty unbearable. We have a two story little apartment that is on top of another house, so basically third story. And the top floor is like 25 degrees hotter than it is outside. Its pretty crazy sometimes, we slept in the pension of the Assistants last night cause it was really hot and they have air conditioning. And then instead of doing exercises we got up and went and played for a little bit at the beach again which was fun. And then a huge huge rainstorm came and cooled things down. The weather is pretty nice after it rains. 

And the finances are doing okay, I'm starting to get caught up on everything.  The only problem is trying to fix President LaPierres card, which is kind of a mess, but it's progressing little by little. We have a conference on Tuesday and I think Elder Parks is going to come a little bit early to help me out a little. But other than that I'm doing really well, figuring things out, but there always seems to be something that I don't really know I'm supposed to do and then I find out and have to backtrack my work and fix things and it gets kind of complicated sometimes, just lots of numbers. 

It's pretty crazy how time flies by though, I always try to think of a story or something that happened during the week, or something cool I can write down to put on here, but then it's just like the week goes by so fast and Thursday gets here and I don't have time to sit down and think. But that's cool about the missionaries singing downtown with the piano.  Elder Thornton and I thought about doing that, but its kind of hard to find a piano around here.. I guess electric keyboards work, haha. But we are thinking about organizing something like that for Christmas time.  

The mission has a blog in progress, they have it all saved onto word documents, but they're in the process of putting it onto the blog.  It's in spanish, but I'm going to try to translate it when I get some time, but you can look at it and see. 

Well, this week wasn't a super eventful week, hopefully everything is going well back home. 

Love, Elder Roberts

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