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Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 61: Posadas, Argentina

HOLA. This week has gone by extremely fast. There were transfers and transfers mean missionaries moving around, new missionaries coming in, and money being spent, so lots of work for me.  It's good because it keeps me busy. Ive decided that i dont want to work in an office when im older. Its not bad but i dont think i could do it for the rest of my life. We havent gotten to work to much in the area this week becuase of a few problems and stuff that happened during transfers. 

We do a lot of paperwork for the missionaries to be able to be legal here. And they didn't do that before, so now we are trying to catch up and we have tons of paperwork. The problem is that the migrations office here in Posadas, their system doesnt really work all the time.  So we had to send the new people up to Iguazu at like 3 in the morning and then have them come back and then have them travel to their areas. Lots of travelling. So the paperwork to get people to be legal here gets pretty fun sometimes.

Im trying to figure out all the finances, there are some rough spots but we are getting there. President's card kinda got shut down due to some troubles, so im in the process of fixing that. 

We have a couple we are teaching that are really nice.  We met them in the street one day and they were friends with a less active member and then they just randomly invited us over for lunch one day.  We went and they made us this huge plate and they were super nice, haha it was almost weird how nice their were, but we are teaching them and they are doing pretty well. The husband works a lot so we dont get to see him as much, but the lady is really nice and she likes learning a lot. The sisters in the ward have a baptism tomorrow, which is pretty awesome.  Lavalle Ward has been baptizing a lot and i think now we need to retain all of the converts. Its actually really tough to balance the retention and finding new people. It takes a lot of work to help the people become active members that build the church. But definitely worth it. 

Well hopefully everything is going well up there. It's weird that it's almost Halloween. I bet it's getting cold up there, and here its pretty hot. I think it hit 100 today. We picked the wrong time to go play volleyball on the beach, it was pretty hot, but fun. But have a great week! Thanks for the letter!!!

Love, Elder Roberts

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