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Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

In our room...Elders Roberts,  McFarland
(left for Spain),  Thayn and Averett (going
to Posadas with me)

Hello everyone!
     I wish had some super exciting news like I picked up a pet monkey from the jungle in Argentina or that I was even in Argentina or Paraguay....but I'm still in good old Utah! Still doing well! Still learning Spanish and studying everyday! It's a lot of fun. Getting up at every morning at 6:30 even though breakfast isn't till 7:00 is tough... but it's all good! Still no word on my visa, and I won't find out for about another week and half or two weeks as to whether or not I'm going to have my visa or if I'll be reassigned somehwere in the US for a little while until it comes. So I'm crossing my fingers, but if I don't get it, that's totally fine because I'm sure God knows that He'll need me somehwere here for a little while. Then whenever I'm finished with that, I'll head down. So I really think it's up to Him. But we shall see! 

     My roomates and district and zone, who are the people I'm around the most, are all cool and nice and my branch president, who's like my temporary bishop, is amazing. He seriously knows everything there is to know about everything, and it's super inspiring. I think he has the Bible memorized, and he is just super knowledgable! So I'm learning a lot from him, and my two Spanish teachers that I have nearly every day are really cool too and really know what they're talking about.

     The group in our zone that had been here before we arrived left to Honduras which was pretty sad, but nine new people came into our group and they're all really nice! It's pretty cool to see about 800-900 kids (missionaries) leave every Monday/Tuesday and then close to 800-900 come in every Wednesday. It's cool to see so many people doing the same thing for the same reason, to help people! So it's awesome. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and if you're getting ready to go back to school/work, good luck! And best wishes with whatever else is going on in your life!  I'm not desperate for mail/letters or anything, but I would love to hear from everyone and what's going on in your life! Anyway, I'll talk to you all next week!  

Elder Roberts

With Elder Hancock...he's a tremendous
soccer player, and I will probably see
him at BYU in 2015.
In our classroom with Hermanas
Brown (already left for Spain) and
Reyes (waiting for visa for Spain)

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