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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 95: Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Well, this week was pretty great. I did divisiones twice and we were running all over the place, but i got to eat lunch with this super rich guy who is a member and is a doctor and studied at Harvard.  Now he lives here in Ciudad del Este, and I`m pretty sure this week we are going to eat with him again and have cow head. Should be pretty fun. 

Anyway, we had a few days that were kind of iffy. I`ve realized that this is a kinda tough area, half of the people only speak Guarni and it's too dangerous to be there at night past about 6:00.  There are a lot of people that aren`t very open to the message, haha, but we are trying to work off references more and working with members. We went to teach this guy named Hector who has been talking for about 2 months to the missionaries and is really cool, he understands everything.  His friend was also over and we had a super good lesson with him.  We explained the restoration and he understood perfectly and then asked if we could read part of the Book of Mormon with him, so we read 3 Nephi chapter 11, the whole chapter, and he really enjoyed it.  We are planning on meeting with him later on. But it was really good.

Things are going pretty well though, and last night we got to cross over through Brazil to Argentina, so we were in Brazil for about 20 minutes driving to get to the Argentine bridge.  We stayed the night at the elders pension there in Igauzu, and this morning got to go see the water falls. They were really really crazy. Super huge, and just really extensive-like you just keep walking around and there are more waterfalls everywhere. It's a huge park and there are tons of people that go, but it was really crazy how big they are. I'm kind of upset because i can't send pictures off this computer.  I'm going to try another, but it was great. We got back kind of late though due to some problems of just us not knowing how to get back exactly, but we took a bus and then walked a little bit then took another bus and walked some more and finally got home. But it was super fun, and nice to see everyone else from my group again. 

But it's pretty crazy that this is basically my last pday and that next week I'll be in Posadas on Monday getting ready to go home. It's kind of hard to believe, and i don't think its really hit me yet, but hopefully it doesn't hit me till Monday. I`ll try to write some more on Monday and send some pictures. 

Thanks for everything,

love, Elder Roberts

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