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Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 92: Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

hahaha Liam got his license... I'm scared to drive with him. Actually I'm scared to drive because I've been driving in Argentina and i probably picked up some bad habits from driving here. But anyway, sounds like everyone is excited that school is almost out.  But yeah its been a little rainy and it gets dark really really early. We try to set appointments up for the night time every day because if not it's pretty tough talking to people. 

Anyway this week was good, i did divisiones again with one of the new missionaries and we have divisiones planned for tomorrow with Elder Magdaleno and the elder he is training to do a baptismal interview.  We will probably be doing divisiones every week until the end.  Lots of new missionaries and stuff to do and learn. But we had stake conference and a conference with Elder Vinas who is a seventy and it was great.  The conference we had with him as missionaries was really good, he talked a lot about the atonement and helping people understand how the atonement is necessary in their lives and explained that only people who are truly humble will be able to accept the message because they will realize that they can't do everything alone.
The Sunday night session of stake conference, which we got permission to go too, was fantastic though, i really really enjoyed it, and Elder Viñas was a great speaker. The Sunday morning session was good as well but the whole church got filled up to the max and then they set up a huge pavilion on the soccer court outside with about 150 chairs and that all got filled up as well. I stood up the whole time, so i couldn't really pay attention really well, but our investigator that went really enjoyed it. She is planning on getting baptized the 13th, but we shall see this week about the final preparations. 
Anyway, Elder Viñas talked about the sacrament and how when we take the sacrament we don't automatically get rid of our sins, but that it is a start of the remission of our sins and that we need to go every single week to partake of the sacrament to be able to complete the repentance process.  He kind of dropped cane, or was really to the point with everyone about going to church, even if it is raining or we are tired.  It was super good, i really enjoyed it.
We are also working with a few less active people that are progressing and are doing well, one kid who wants to go o a mission apparently. I gave him a shirt and tie and he came to conference with us so that was cool.
But other than that i am just trying to stay focused and work till the end. Today we wet to Itapu, the big dam here, ,which was pretty cool.
Thanks for everything!

love, elder roberts

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