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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 93: Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


This week went pretty well. It was sunny all week and didn't rain once, which was a miracle haha.  So that was nice, but we had some bad luck just with appointments falling through and stuff like that, but Sunday went really well.  There was a less active family of 4 that we are working with that went to church, and then this other kid who is 19 that we are helping out a little bit who wants to go on a mission, he came as well.  Then our investigator who is hopefully getting baptized in two weeks came as well, and is doing really well, but she says she wants her sister to come and be here for her baptism. I think she is pretty set on making the decision, it's just when. So we shall she what happens this week. 

The zone is doing really well though, they`re almost all new.   Eight missionaries are in their training, but they are all doing well and having a good time and having baptisms, so we have been doing baptismal interviews this week and divisions;  it's been pretty good. 

There is a family that we eat lunch with every Thursday and they are from Asuncion.  Their whole family are members, except one sister and her husband and daughter who live right around the corner.  Since I've been here we have been on and off talking to them and had one lesson, but they are pretty inconsistent and never want to commit to a day or time to sit down and talk.  But yesterday we went out to visit a few neighbors of the member and none of them were home, so we went and visited this sister and her husband who aren't members and we had a really good lesson.  The guy starting crying and told us how he regretted not listening to God, or not listening to the message of the gospel before hand, and that he felt like he missed out on a lot of the blessing he could have had if he would have listened earlier.  He told us he wanted to go to church, so that was cool

Then our lesson we had planned for at 8pm fell through, so we were like dang.  Sunday night here everyone goes to bed at about 7:30, we wondered what to do so we just decided to walk around and see if anyone was awake.  The first house we clapped the guy let us in, brought us chairs, and told us he had been to church before and that he liked it and wanted to learn more-so that was cool.  It just humbled us and taught us that even at night in the dark there are still people out there ready to listen. 

Everything is going well though, I'm here in Encarnacion today.  We have a leadership conference in Posadas later today and tomorrow and I'm actually writing in a free public library... which i didn't know existed in Paraguay. 

But everything is going well, thanks for the letter and for everything and have a great week!!

love, Elder Roberts

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