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Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 12: Ciudad del Este

Helloooo everyone!! 

Hope everyone is doing well! This past week was pretty good for us. It's getting pretty hot, but it's not terrible. 

We had a lady get baptized on Saturday which was pretty cool. Anddd my 12-week training period ends this Wednesday, so I'll just be a regular missionary. So I'm kind of scared but not really. I feel pretty comfortable now, and I can communicate with people in Spanish haha, so yeah everything is going well. 

Well except for that we don't have a light in or bathroom at the moment; it burned out, so we have been showering in the dark and going to the bathroom in the dark... but it's not too bad haha. It's…interesting! 

But I also had the awesome privelege to eat cow heart this past week which was...not terrible but I don't really want to have it again haha! And some lady offered her daughter to me and asked if I wanted to marry her.. which was kind of awkward.... hahaha, but pretty funny. I declined...just for the record though. 

But yeah, other than that, nothing too exciting is happening. Hope everything in the States is going well!!! Miss everyone!
Elder Ben 

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  1. I think at least one bathroom with no light is a mission requirement. I had one like that in Zim-- we stuck a candle in a glass. It was all good until the night a roach decided it needed a bath too. Thanks for keeping us updated on the work! - Marie